Celebrating Planet Earth

To help celebrate Earth Day, I wanted to share this beautiful video of Michael Jackson reciting “Planet Earth” from Dancing the Dream:

Also, in honor of Earth Day, Veronica Bassil is offering her book Michael Jackson’s Love for Planet Earth as a free download today through April 26th. Here’s a link.

About Dancing with the Elephant contributors

Joie Collins is a founding member of the Michael Jackson Fan Club (MJFC). She has written extensively for MJFC, helping to create the original website back in 1999 and overseeing both the News and History sections of the website. Over the years she conducted numerous interviews on behalf of MJFC and also directed correspondence for the club. She also had the great fortune to be a guest at Neverland. She has been a Michael Jackson fan since she was three years old. Lisha McDuff is a classically trained professional musician who for 30 years made her living as a flutist, performing in orchestras and for major theatrical touring productions. Her passion for popular musicology led her to temporarily leave the orchestra pit and in June 2013 she received a Master’s degree in Popular Music Studies from the University of Liverpool. She’s continuing her studies at McMaster University, where she is working on a major research project about Michael Jackson, with Susan Fast as her director. Willa Stillwater is the author of M Poetica: Michael Jackson's Art of Connection and Defiance and "Rereading Michael Jackson," an article that summarizes some of the central ideas of M Poetica. She has a Ph.D. in English literature, and her doctoral research focused on the ways in which cultural narratives (such as racism) are made real for us by being "written" on our bodies. She sees this concept as an important element of Michael Jackson's work, part of what he called social conditioning. She has been a Michael Jackson fan since she was nine years old.

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  1. Awesome video–thanks so much for posting it! Happy Earth Day and may we all love the Earth as much as Michael did. His beautiful voice and this video brought tears to my eyes.

  2. I love Michael, very tender and kind. Love and missed him so much. I think of him every day. I recently travel outside of USA, HIS music was one the radio and people are on the internet reading about Michael, so I introduce them to the poems.

  3. Here is another beautiful video of Michael’s Plant Earth. Go to this website and you will see it and the article in honor of Michael and Earth Day. Damien Shields and Syl Motilla have also commented on this Earth Day-MJ connection, and the power of Michael’s passionate Earth Song and his poem Planet Earth. I hope this will keep growing into an important alliance between Michael’s fans and the environmental movement!! So exciting!!


  4. Here is the link for the Damien Shields’ article on Earth Song and Planet Earth:

  5. Damien Shields writes (in the blog post on Earth Song) :

    “In my opinion “Earth Song” represents Jackson’s overall legacy better than any other material in his catalog. Not only does the song showcase Jackson’s genius in full force, from his abilities as a poet, a songwriter, a storyteller, a composer, a vocalist, and all-round music marvel, but it also shines light on Jackson as one of pop cultures most significant activists and philanthropists, demonstrating his consciousness and connectedness to the place in which we all live – Planet Earth.”

  6. Here’s the video of Planet Earth, made by Jamon Bull of mjcast.

  7. Another must see video from Walking Moon Studio. Includes comments and clips from famous environmentalists, including Rachel Carson, who wrote The Silent Spring in the 70’s about the dangers of DDT. Many other voices speak eloquently here in words and song, including of course, Michael.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing these links and videos, stephenson. The last one, especially, was both devastating and inspiring. We have damaged the planet so deeply (as Michael Jackson sings in “Earth Song,” “What have we’ve done to the world? / Look what we’ve done … “) and yet there’s still so much beauty in the world, so much amazing life, so much to cherish. And so there’s hope …

  9. Hello Veronica, Hello Willa and Joie,

    Earth day should not be celebrated once per year, but very frequently. Thank you so much Veronica for all that you’re doing to enhance Michael’s use of his infuence to help save our precious little planet Earth. Environmental issues and earth science should infiltrate schools at all levels in order for them to become pervasive. But do governments care?

  10. Thanks so much, Willa, Gihan, and Elaine. Yes, there is still hope. It’s inspiring to see these beautiful videos made in honor of Earth Day, and how Michael’s contributions to celebrating the value, beauty, and magic of our planet are being recognized (as Elaine says she hears his work outside USA). Today was such a nice day here, and as I sat by a lake looking at the sparkles of sunlight on the water and the budding bushes and trees nearby, I felt that hope.

    However, trash and plastic can get into the oceans, rivers, and so on b/c some countries have no recycling facilites. Maybe the wealthier nations can help them change that, if, as Gihan says, governments start to care. How can people recycle if they have no facilities to do that?Great idea to teach environmental issues and basic earth science in the schools. Then students can understand and appreciate the natural systems that sustain life. But I agree there is hope.

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