The Lyrics Library

Welcome to the Lyrics Library! It’s still under construction, but we’re imagining this as a place to collect information and share notes about the lyrics to Michael Jackson’s songs. What words do you hear when listening to one of his songs?  How does that compare with what’s listed in the liner notes, or what you hear in demos or concert recordings?  Do those words seem to allude to other Michael Jackson songs, or other works of art, or historical events?  Do you see recurring themes running through his songs?  These are the kinds of questions we’d like to begin addressing in these pages. 

If you have corrections or suggestions for how to improve these pages, please send us a note at

Off The Wall (1979)

Thriller (1982)

Bad (1987) and Bad 25 bonus tracks (2012)

Dangerous (1991)

HIStory – Past, Present And Future – Book 1 (1995)

Blood on the Dance Floor – HIStory in the Mix (1997)

Invincible (2001)

Other Songs not on one of these albums

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