Bad 25 Bonus Tracks (2012)

Don’t Be Messin’ Round
I’m So Blue
Song Groove (aka Abortion Papers)
Price of Fame
Al Capone
Fly Away
Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu (Spanish)
Je Ne Veux Pas la Fin de Nous (French)

  1. At times these are some tough lyrics to figure out since MJ seems like he’s ad-libbing, but I’ve done my best at guessing what’s being said. It’s quite impressive how well these songs convey emotion even with the occasional sketchy lyric.

    • Wow, Bruce, this is awesome! (Bruce just made a great start on the Bad 25 bonus tracks by posting how he hears the lyrics. Just click on the song titles above to see them.) It makes me want to listen to all the bonus songs right away with these lyrics in front of me….

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