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Willa:  Greetings! I hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful start to the new year.

I strongly believe that 2015 could be a pivotal year for Michael Jackson and his legacy. On the one hand, it seems that the hysteria surrounding him is starting to subside, and that the mainstream press may finally be ready to consider the actual facts behind the allegations against him. And once you look at the facts, it seems obvious to me that he’s innocent. So this could be the year when the false allegations against him are finally put to rest, and his name is cleared of the scandal that has dogged his reputation for more than 20 years. That is my vision and my hope for what could happen this year.

But this could also be the year when the Wade Robson and James Safechuck allegations set off a whole new round of hysteria. So far, the more respected media outlets have been reluctant to carry the Robson / Safechuck story, but there have been some extremely graphic, sensationalistic, and lurid tabloid articles. Those kinds of stories could become much more common if the case goes to trial, and 2015 could bring a repeat of what happened following the 1993 allegations and 2005 trial.

So I believe 2015 could be a major turning point for Michael Jackson’s legacy, for good or ill. And which direction things go may depend on us, his fans and supporters. As Michael Jackson says in This Is It,

People are always saying, “Oh, they’ll take care of it. The government will do it. Don’t worry, they’ll …” They who? It starts with us. It’s us, or else it will never be done.

And he was right. Whether it’s changing public attitudes about the destruction of the environment, or changing public attitudes about him, it’s up to us – the people who care enough to bring about that change. “It starts with us … or else it will never be done.”

So in this post and the next one, we’re going to do something a little different. We’re going to ask you to participate in two specific action items that we think could play a major role in changing public perceptions of Michael Jackson. And we’re beginning with KCBS-TV in Los Angeles, which is also known as KCBS or CBS2.

Here’s a little history …

On May 3, 1994, KCBS-TV broadcast a short news segment in which a reporter asked Evan Chandler if he had sedated his son with sodium Amytal, a psychiatric drug that has been implicated in producing false memories, especially if patients under its influence are asked leading or suggestive questions. Mary Fischer included a description of that broadcast in her October 1994 article for GQ magazine:

A newsman at KCBS-TV, in L.A., reported on May 3 of this year that Chandler had used the drug [sodium Amytal] on his son, but the dentist claimed he did so only to pull his son’s tooth and that while under the drug’s influence, the boy came out with allegations.

Ian Halperin describes Chandler’s response to the KCBS reporter a little differently in his book, Unmasked: the Final Years of Michael Jackson. According to Halperin, Chandler neither confirmed nor denied the use of sodium Amytal, but did say that Jordan made the allegations while under the influence of “a drug,” without specifying which one.

While Fischer and Halperin disagree about whether Chandler confirmed the use of sodium Amytal specifically, they both state that he told the KCBS-TV reporter Jordan made the allegations while under sedation. That’s crucially important. And actually, I find it significant that Halperin’s version differs slightly from Fischer’s. It suggests that he’s providing an independent description of the KCBS broadcast, rather than simply repeating her article.

It’s also interesting that while Fischer and Halperin both report on what the father said, neither gives an exact quote. That is unusual. I became curious about this in 2011 while working on the “Rereading Michael Jackson” article, in part because I wanted to quote Chandler’s exact words if I could. So I started digging around, looking for actual video footage of the KCBS broadcast, but I couldn’t find any video clips on YouTube or other places like that, or even a transcript or other print quotations anywhere on the web. (I did stumble across some interesting information, however, that I haven’t been able to confirm: I’ve read that the KCBS reporter was Harvey Levin, who later went on to start a celebrity news outlet called TMZ …)

Importantly, while searching for information about the KCBS report, I found a note about it on an advocacy site for victims of sexual abuse – a site that treated Michael Jackson with utter contempt. They were addressing the Chandler case and said that, if Evan Chandler really did tell KCBS that Jordan made the allegations while under sedation, then those allegations are obviously questionable. However, they went on to say they didn’t believe Chandler had said that, and they didn’t believe the KCBS news segment even existed.

That made a big impression on me and started me thinking that this was a lot more important than simply getting a quote. If even an advocacy group with strong biases against Michael Jackson would consider the KCBS report as important evidence that the allegations are suspect, then I really needed to find it.

And actually, Diane Dimond says something similar in her book, Be Careful Who You Love:

Questions about whether or not Dr. Chandler “planted” the molestation in Jordie’s subconscious while the boy was under the influence of the anesthesia first surfaced in a story that ran in GQ magazine in October 1995 written by Mary Fischer….

Had Fischer’s claims been correct, Jordie’s allegations would have to be viewed as unreliable, if not highly questionable.

And I think Dimond’s right. If it can be shown that Jordan agreed to the allegations while under sedation, they “would have to be viewed as unreliable, if not highly questionable.” It therefore seemed very important to try to track down that video footage.

I began with the KCBS website and found a phone number for obtaining old news segments. However, when I called I was connected to a contractor who provides a video archive service to KCBS, and he said the footage they have doesn’t go back nearly that far.

Then I called the KCBS front desk and talked to the receptionist, who passed me on to someone who said I needed to talk to someone else. I got the runaround for quite a while and was disconnected twice, as well as being sent to a couple of full voicemail boxes where I couldn’t leave a message, so had to hang up and start all over. It was very discouraging but I was persistent, and by the end the receptionist was pretty tired of me. In fact, at one point she told me that maybe the people at KCBS just didn’t want to talk to me, which was probably true …

I finally ended up talking with Allan, the KCBS video librarian. (He wouldn’t tell me his last name, and neither would the receptionist when I asked her later, but he did spell his first name for me.) He was the person I needed to talk to, but we didn’t get off to a very good start. He began by giving me a long lecture about how expensive it is to preserve old footage and how TV stations simply don’t have the resources to store everything, and that I was being very naive to expect they’d still have something from 1994.

However, he finally agreed to go look … and was very surprised to find that, yes, they do have a two-minute video segment dated May 3, 1994, with a note that it’s about Michael Jackson and drugs (a rather misleading label). Wow! It seems we’d found it! I was pretty excited about that, but then he told me he couldn’t release a copy without authorization from the assistant news director, a Mr. Paul Button. He gave me Mr. Button’s email address and I sent him a couple of emails, but never heard back from him.

A few weeks later I was talking with a friend and fellow Michael Jackson scholar who teaches at a university in Los Angeles, and told her what was going on. She was intrigued and became involved also. She talked to Allan and he told her the segment was on Beta, and the tape was still sitting right there on his desk. (To be honest, that kind of alarmed me. I had a mental image of Allan accidentally spilling coffee all over it. It would be terrible if, after all those years of sitting lost and forgotten in the archives, it was finally discovered only to be damaged or destroyed.) He directed her to Mr. Button also, so she called him and left a message, but he never called her back. She also tried visiting the KCBS offices in person, but was unable to arrange a meeting.

So then my friend, who is much more media savvy than I am, did a little research and found out about Thought Equity Motion, an independent contractor who handles licensing agreements for CBS. She put me in touch with them, saying they’d told her that “If they have it offline they can send a screener of it for $25.00. If they have it online then they will email a low-resolution copy of it.” That was such exciting news! We really thought that, one way or the other, we were about to get a copy of it.

But then it turned out that CBS, meaning the parent company, didn’t have the rights to it. KCBS-TV is a CBS affiliate but they are also an independent entity, and they retain the rights to any segments that aren’t picked up for national broadcast. This segment wasn’t carried nationally, so CBS doesn’t own the rights to it. KCBS does. That means we were back to dealing with Allan and the elusive Mr. Button. Darn.

Things seemed to be at an impasse, but then I realized that Mary Fischer or Ian Halperin must have seen it so they might have a copy. I emailed Mary Fischer, and she sent back a brief note saying, “I have seen the footage but do not have a copy.” I then emailed Ian Halperin but didn’t get a response.

Since then I’ve tried various other ways of either getting a copy of the segment or having it rebroadcast. For example, I’ve contacted other news outlets and encouraged them to investigate the story, but that hasn’t worked either.

So now we’re turning to you.

We are asking you to contact KCBS-TV, and politely and respectfully inform them that they have an important news story sitting in their own archives. Maybe together we can encourage KCBS-TV to rebroadcast the Chandler footage that has been buried for so long.

To reach them, you can call their news hotline at 818-655-2290, or you can go here and submit your request online, or you can write them a letter at this address:

CBS Studio City Broadcast Center
4200 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604

If you would like to try contacting specific individuals at KCBS, you can call the station’s news department at 818-655-2299. Here’s a link that provides contact information for the station, and I notice that Mr. Button is still listed as the Assistant News Director – however, trying to talk with him directly seems to have a low probability of success.

If you do contact the station, here are some talking points you may want to consider:

  • We know the tape is there. My friend and I both talked to their video librarian, and he confirmed it was in their archives – at least, it was in late 2011.
  • This story is local and timely, especially in light of the Wade Robson and James Safechuck case, which is now before a Los Angeles judge. Here’s an article from MyNewsLA with the latest information.
  • This story is important. If it’s true that Jordan Chandler agreed to the allegations while under sedation, it casts significant doubt on those allegations, especially given the way the father conducted the questioning.

This last point is especially significant. According to Evan Chandler’s own written chronology of events, which he gave to police, he questioned his son in a very coercive and manipulative way.

First, he asked leading questions and made sexually explicit comments that could have planted false images in the boy’s mind, especially if he were still under sedation. For example, he says he asked Jordan, “Did Michael Jackson ever touch your penis?” and told him, “I know about the kissing and the jerking off and the blow jobs.” These are precisely the acts Jordan will tell the psychiatrist when he goes to see him a month later.

Chandler also admits he lied to his son, saying he “falsely told” Jordan that “I had bugged his bedroom and I knew everything anyway.” This is not true. He had not wiretapped his son’s bedroom, and he was only imagining what might have happened if Michael Jackson were a child molester – imaginings that he explicitly and vividly shared with his son that day in his dental office.

And finally, he threatened to destroy Michael Jackson – “to take him (Jackson) down” – if Jordan didn’t agree with him that the accusations were true. This is very disturbing, and completely inappropriate when trying to uncover the truth about suspected abuse, especially when talking with a child.

We understand that some of you may feel uncomfortable about contacting a television station, and we don’t want to put anyone in an awkward situation. To be honest, I’m pretty uneasy about this myself since I haven’t seen the footage – I’ve only read the descriptions of it by Mary Fischer and Ian Halperin. So if this is something you do not wish to do, we perfectly understand. However, if you do feel comfortable calling KCBS-TV, or sending them a letter, or submitting a written message to their online hotline, we believe this could truly make a difference.

Whatever you decide, we thank you sincerely for joining us here at Dancing with the Elephant, and we wish you a very happy 2015!


About Dancing with the Elephant contributors

Joie Collins is a founding member of the Michael Jackson Fan Club (MJFC). She has written extensively for MJFC, helping to create the original website back in 1999 and overseeing both the News and History sections of the website. Over the years she conducted numerous interviews on behalf of MJFC and also directed correspondence for the club. She also had the great fortune to be a guest at Neverland. She has been a Michael Jackson fan since she was three years old. Lisha McDuff is a classically trained professional musician who for 30 years made her living as a flutist, performing in orchestras and for major theatrical touring productions. Her passion for popular musicology led her to temporarily leave the orchestra pit and in June 2013 she received a Master’s degree in Popular Music Studies from the University of Liverpool. She’s continuing her studies at McMaster University, where she is working on a major research project about Michael Jackson, with Susan Fast as her director. Willa Stillwater is the author of M Poetica: Michael Jackson's Art of Connection and Defiance and "Rereading Michael Jackson," an article that summarizes some of the central ideas of M Poetica. She has a Ph.D. in English literature, and her doctoral research focused on the ways in which cultural narratives (such as racism) are made real for us by being "written" on our bodies. She sees this concept as an important element of Michael Jackson's work, part of what he called social conditioning. She has been a Michael Jackson fan since she was nine years old.

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  1. I shared your post with several groups, and will act on it. The press are just as good at hiding information as revealing it. It is not fair that they have such power in shaping our perception of events. I am grateful that the internet allows us to present more balanced views and get those views out to a wide audience.

    • Thank you, sfaikus. I really appreciate that. I hate to ask people to contact KCBS-TV – and I wouldn’t if I could think of other options. But it’s so important to somehow get this footage out in the public sphere, and I’ve tried every other avenue I can think of.

      So thank you again, both for contacting them and for spreading the word.

  2. Have shared with a few who have done existive research in this topic of drugging Jordan and coercing a statement of facts implanted by Evan. Will help as much as possible –

  3. ItsBlackItsWhite

    I’m new to your blog – this post is fascinating. I have contacted KCBS and spread the word via twitter. It’s the least we can do so people like you can get the truth out supported by facts. Thank you for your efforts on MJs behalf.

  4. I will be happy to send a letter or email..I have seen footage of Harvey Levin talking about how he heard the tape of the police interviewing Corey Feldman and the tactics the police used for interrogation of children Corey told them who was really molesting him and they ignored it..I have heard him speak of it on TMZ too..
    I wonder if Harvey would answer you if you called TMZ or if he may have a personal copy of the tape of him and Evan talking..You might get further with him , especially if you butter him up..
    As far as Evan drugging Jordan, I thought in Dr Gardners conversation that Jordan made a point of telling the doctor that he had asked his father to give him a drug when he was getting a baby tooth removed, so that to me was JC and Evan making sure the boy took the blame off his father
    Lynn from Vindicate mJ wrote this article about Guiterrez book MJ was my lover..The pictures show JC looking doped up in my opinion..
    And somebody took these pictures ..Makes me wonder if Guiterrz was sitting in on this when Evan doped him up

  5. VindicateMJ2, co-admn Lynette will be sending you more detailed information on what they’ve researched .. but in this post the Consent to Admininster form was filled out by Evan to administer thru IV something to Jordan

  6. It all began with Evan Chandler’s (and Jordie Chandler’s) false accusations.
    I always thought that exposing the lies of the Chandler story is the key to clearing Michael’s name for good.

    The whole situation was odd, IMO:
    There was this dentist in debt who first tried to make Michael invest in one of his movie projects. When Michael wasn’t interested Chandler came up with the molestation allegations and tried to blackmail Michael into giving him millions of dollars. But Chandler’s problem was that his son refused to admit that something inappropriate had happened.

    But then :
    “… Chandler had used the drug ( Sodium Amytal) on his son, but the dentist claimed he did so only to pull his son’s tooth and while under the drug’s influence, the boy came out with allegations.”

    Must have been Chandler’s lucky day, that this “miracle” happened in his own professional field.
    What a coincidence. Or better: How likely is that?

    It has been said, that Chandler pulled one of Jordie’s baby tooth.
    Jordie was 13 at the time. (Most of) his baby tooth should have been gone at that point or been wobbly at least. Plus, Chandler wasn’t just any dentist, he was Jordie’s father!
    Normally that implies basic trust, which relativizes the fear of the dental treatment.
    Normally a local anesthesia would have done.

    I wonder how likely it is that Chandler needed sedation and/or Sodium Amytal to treat his own son in this case the way he did.
    Maybe it is just me, but I find that highly questionable as well and have suspicions about the necessity of the sedation.
    If the sedation was unnecessary (and solely used to manipulate the boy), it would mean maltreatment,
    in a professional way and in parental care as far as Jordie is concerned.
    (Apart from the strong suspicion that he deliberately made his son confess things that never happened in order to gain money.)

    I wish that we could get more information and to get this interview and hear Chandler talking would be helpful, I believe.

  7. Thanks for this. I sent an email to KCBS and can’t wait to see what happens.

  8. – has information that supports Harvey Levin as the reporter. David Edwards, of VindicateMJ2 tweeted and suggested contacting Harvey Levin, as he might be more apt to share the information IF he has it.


    Evasive anesthesiologist says “if I used it, it was for dental purposes”. Doesn’t sound like a denial to me.

    I’m going to contact KCBS but perhaps as others have suggested Levin might be more cooperative depending on his mood and what other celebs are on his radar at the time.

  10. Hi Nan, MJJJusticeProject, June Elizabeth – thanks for the suggestion about contacting Harvey Levin, and for the supporting info that he was in fact the KCBS reporter.

    I received an email that supports that also, so decided I should try to contact him. It would be great if he had a copy of the actual news segment, but even if he doesn’t, it would be interesting to hear his memories of what exactly Evan Chandler said that day.

    So I just went to TMZ and, wow, it’s pretty shocking over there – kind of like a celebrity peep show. Anyway, I sent him a quick message asking if he did conduct the May 3, 1994, interview and if he would mind talking about it. We’ll see if he gets in touch . . .

  11. Hi Willa!

    I am one of the people behind the Michael Jackson Allegations website and I researched these things in-depth – including reading Ray Chandler’s book, articles etc. I came to the conclusion that the whole Sodium Amytal thing is nothing but a red herring which, I suspect, was planted by the Chandlers. I explain why I think so in that article that MJJJusticeProject linked in. I also do not think the whole Sodium Amytal story is pivotal in this story. I think Mary Fischer’s article was a very useful one – especially at the time when most journalist would not do serious research about these things, but I think she was lead astray by Torbiner in this matter and this made the SA issue look more important and pivotal than it actually is.

    It’s nice to see that sex abuse victims supporter group admit that the use of SA would have made Jordan’s allegations questionable, but do they know what the Chandlers’ actual story about how Jordan’s allegation’s emerged is? IMO the Chandler’s own story about how Jordan “confessed” makes these allegations just as questionable as it was with SA. See:

    And that is from their own book! That is their own story! It was not some spontaneous confession by Jordan, but his father literally threatened him into it! But in that article I also explain why I do not believe that Jordan actually made allegations on July 16. IMO the thing is a hindsight invention just to give an excuse for Evan about why he did not return Jordan to June on the day he was obliged to by law. Again, if you read the article you will see why I think so. At the same time I think Evan might have tried something in his office that day with the sedation, only I do not think it worked and Jordan “confessed” anything that day.

    As you can see from that article the Chandlers actually do admit to have drugged Jordan for supposedly pulling a baby tooth on July 16. So there WAS definitely something shady going on in that dental office with drugs and sedation. I have never heard about a kid being sedated for a baby tooth being pulled. IMO Evan did try something but it did not work. And even if Jordan really was given SA I do not think it worked. And while we are at it. I also wonder if Evan and Torbiner tried something shady on MJ as well earlier. I always found this story in their book very strange:


    “The singer was walking in circles, holding his head. “I didn’t sleep all night,” he complained. “I’ve got a bad headache. I get them all the time.’
    “Do you know what causes them?” Evan asked.
    “Yeah, I’ve had them ever since my hair caught fire. They said it’s from the surgery.”
    Evan offered the standard remedies, aspirin and Tylenol, but Michael insisted they had no effect on him and that his doctor usually gave him a shot of something, he didn’t know what. When Evan suggested that he call his doctor, Michael refused. He didn’t want to bother the man on a holiday weekend. Instead, he asked Evan if he could give him something stronger.
    Evan rattled off a list of drugs to see if he could find out what Michael’s doctor used. When he mentioned Demerol, Michael said that sounded familiar. Evan did not use Demerol in his practice, so he called Mark Torbiner for advice. The anesthesiologist suggested an injection of Toradol, a non-narcotic equivalent to Demerol, and offered to pick some up at Evan’s office and bring it to his house.
    Evan injected 30 mg, half the maximum dose, into Michael’s gluteus. But one hour later the star claimed he was still in a lot of pain, so Evan administered the remaining half and instructed him to lie down and try to relax.
    “Keep an eye on him,” Evan told Jordie. “It’ll take a few minutes to kick in. I’ll be right hack.
    “When I went back to check on him, maybe ten minutes later,” Evan recalled,” he was acting weird, babbling incoherently and slurring his speech. Toradol is a pretty safe drug, and I thought that either he was having a rare reaction or had taken another drug and was having a combination reaction.”
    Other than the drunk-like symptoms, Michael’s pulse and respirations were normal and he appeared to be in no real danger. So Evan took no further action.
    But Jordie was scared. He had seen his friend “acting strange” before, but never like this.
    Don t worry,” Evan assured his son, “Right now Michael’s the happiest person in the world. All we need to do is keep him awake and talking until the drug wears off.”
    our hours and a serious case of cottonmouth later, Michael began to sober up While Jordie was downstairs fetching water, Evan decided to take advance of Michael’s still uninhibited but somewhat coherent condition. “Hey, Mike, I was just wondering … I mean, I don’t care either way, hut I know some of your closest people are gay, and I was wondering if you’re gay too.
    “You’d be surprised about a lot of people in this town,” Michael mumbled, as he rattled off the names of a few prominent Hollywood players who were still in the closet.
    Evan tried to get back on track before Jordie returned. He stroked Michael’s hair and reassured him, “I don’t care if you’re gay, Mike. I just want you to know you can tell me if you are.”
    “Uh-uh,” Michael slurred. “Not me.”
    Given Michael’s willingness to talk openly about everyone else’s sexuality, his consistent denial about being gay reinforced Evan’s belief that the singer was asexual.”


    That’s just an extremely weird story and I wonder what they really gave to Michael and for what purpose. Did they give Michael SA hoping to get something out of him? Who knows…

    Also keep in mind that according to Carrie Fisher’s autobiography Evan and Torbiner were two of those shady Hollywood docs. This is from her 2011 book Shockaholic:


    “But getting back to the special medical access I mentioned earlier, I had this dentist at the time, a Dr. Evan Chandler, who was a very strange character. He was what would be referred to as the Dentist to the Stars! And as one of the people who would have unnecessary dental work just for the morphine, this man was one of those people who could arrange such a welcome service. He referred his patients to a mobile anesthesiologist who would come into the office to put you out for the dental work. And as if that wasn’t glorious enough, this anesthesiologist could also be easily and financially persuaded to come to your house to administer the morphine for your subsequent luxury pain relief. And I would extend my arms, veins akimbo, and say to this man—“Send me away, but don’t send me all the way.”


    So yes, both Evan and Torbiner were shady and abusing drugs, according to Carrie Fisher. Maybe Evan did try something on Jordan that day in the dental office (like I said the whole sedation thing sounds shady), maybe he even tried that with SA, I just do not think it had the desired effect. Maybe they even tried SA on MJ (see the story above) but that too did not have the desired effect. To give someone SA is one thing, but you need experience as a psychiatrist/therapist to be able to plant false memories with the help of SA and Evan did not have that kind of experience. So IF SA was used IMO it was a failed attempt at something. There is no reason to believe Jordan was given false memories (see Pellicano’s account, see Tom Mesereau saying Jordan told people around him that nothing happened). After a lot of pressure from his father he knowingly went along with his father’s lies.

    As for Harvey Levin being the “newsman at KCBS-TV”. Actually that information is from an article that Ray Chandler wrote for his now defunct website in 2005 trying to refute Fischer’s article. It’s interesting because while Fischer does not name the newsman in her article, but Ray Chandler identifies him as Harvey Levin. I find that remarkable, but of course he might have remembered the report from 1994 and so it’s not a direct proof about a contact between the Chandlers and Levin, nevertheless I do note that Fischer did not name Levin, yet Chandler knew the name. This is what Ray Chandler wrote in that article:

    “It is oddly convenient that Fischer’s most powerful “evidence” surfaced shortly before she
    would have completed her article.[19] And, that it came in the form of unnamed sources that the
    KCBS newsman, Harvey Levin, could not be compelled to reveal.
    One could infer from Fischer’s report that Levin claimed to have personally communicated with Evan. Levin made no such claim. But had he followed professional guidelines he should have had at least two independent and unbiased sources. After all, his story not only accused two health-care professionals of brainwashing a minor, it was the single most important piece of evidence in the largest public scandal of all time.”

    I also have to add that even in 2005 Ray Chandler cannot get a flat-out denial from Torbiner. In the footnotes to his article he writes:

    “Fischer claimed that she spoke to Torbiner and that he told her “If I used it [the drug], it was for dental purposes.” Dr. Torbiner would not respond to inquiries about what, if anything, he told Fischer. His attorney stated that Torbiner was bound by the doctor-patient privilege and could not discuss the issue without written consent from his patient.”

    • ItsBlackItsWhite

      When I was 19 my dentist discovered that I had no adult tooth under one molar, and the jawbone had grown up into the baby tooth. With nothing more than novacaine he broke the baby tooth off, ground down the jaw bone and put in a bridge. So you’re right, this tale of sedation to extract a baby tooth is cover for something else.

    • I’ve long suspected that Evan Chandler was gay himself. Most straight men wouldn’t admit to stroking another man’s hair. Chandler ‘ s behavior regarding Michael seemed more like that of a scorned wannabe lover than a jealous husband – “If I can’t have you I’ll destroy you!” The sexual dynamics in that family are really worthy of examination.

  12. Well.. obviously if Evan Chandler drugged Michael then he most likely would have no qualms of drugging Jordan too, even if the tooth story is a cover for that drugged interogation. After all, in his telephone conversations with David Schwatz..he clearly threatens THEM.. not just Michael… he was not only out to get Michael .. he was pissed that Jordan and June had also cast him aside, just as Michael had done after refusing to fund his screenwriting career and pay for the remodel of his home. Evan Chandler was in no way acting as a protective father but more like a spurned boyfriend – he was jealous and envious and as we would come to find out later – mentally off balance.

    • Yes, I agree. The circumstances of both drug stories (the drugging of MJ and the drugging of Jordan) are both very strange and suspicious to me. I don’t know what is general practice in the USA but where I live I don’t think any dentist would use sedation just to pull a baby tooth. Maybe, if there are serious complications but this story doesn’t seem like that and is just a bit too convenient. Like others pointed out, Jordan was 13 and half, and while it is possible for a 13-year-old to still have a couple of baby teeth, but I don’t think to pull out one (especially at that age) would justify sedation. Did they do that with each and every baby tooth that came out earlier? Or this was a special case, pretty conveniently taking place on the day or a day before when Evan should have returend Jordan to June? I also wonder if they said pulling a baby tooth instead of any other dental work, because other dental works (like plugging or pulling a permanent tooth) could have been checked out in the hindsight (ie. whether such dental work was really done in Jordan’s mouth).

      And then the thing with Michael. While Michael complaining about a headache and asking for medicine sounds plausible (he had a scalp surgery shortly before), but IMO Evan and Torbiner used the opportunity for something more sinister. Others before me pointed out that Toradol does not have these side effects described in the book. Well, even Ray Chandler’s book makes an excuse for that claim by saying that MJ must have had a rare reaction or must have taken something else before (“Toradol is a pretty safe drug, and I thought that either he was having a rare reaction or had taken another drug and was having a combination reaction.”) However Sodium Amytal for example could very much have these side effects. And why did Evan think that he can get things out of MJ about his sexuality after drugging him with that stuff? Did he think what he had given to him was the “truth serum”, ie. SA? So like I said before I do not dismiss the possibility of Evan and Torbiner abusing SA (not only on Jordan, but also on MJ), but I do not think it had the desired effect for Evan. MJ did not say anything that was incriminating to him in that state of mind and he even denied being gay. (BTW, to me this scene is kind of creepy: “He stroked Michael’s hair and reassured him, “I don’t care if you’re gay, Mike. I just want you to know you can tell me if you are.” It almost sounds as if Evan was trying to make a move on him while MJ being drugged. Or maybe he just thought he could trap MJ that way into admitting homosexuality, if MJ thought Evan was making advances? Who knows.) And it did not work on Jordan either IMO. Like I said Evan was not a psychiatrist, so IMO he did not have the experience to plant false memories in anyone’s mind. I think if he used SA, he used it as a “truth serum”, to try to get information out of MJ and Jordan, but neither MJ or Jordan said anything incriminating under the drug’s influence.


      I think you should not only ask Harvey Levin if he talked to Evan personally. Ray Chandler in his 2005 article denies Evan personally talked to Levin and let’s say that is true. However I think the information to Levin did come from the Chandler camp – if not through Evan personally then from someone on his side. It could have been Torbiner, it could have been his lawyer. So I would simply ask who delivered that information to him. And if he talked to Torbiner or anyone else from the Chandler side.

      I have a pretty strong case for Evan planting and leaking stories to the National Enquirer during the 1993 case, so it would not be uncharacterstic from them to leak a story to Levin.

  13. I have long been asking myself Why Michael didn’t get suspicious something strange and dangerous was happening at the Chandlers’home . Why didn’t he ask for advice ?why didn’t he make any effort to stop seeing these people ?May be he was really taken by Jordan’s mother, as suggested in a recent post, and trusting her he was not able to understand the terrible trap which they all were preparing for him to fall into.

    • Michael spent two weekends in Evan’s home and then he cut him off (which is what was Evan’s problem). So IMO Michael realized relatively quickly that something was wrong with Evan.

  14. Is there any chance this could rebound adversely on our intentions?

    There are powerful forces trying to bring Michael down, and I’ve seen so many instances where positive evidence has been twisted by these forces so as to appear negative.

    • Hi Ara. I do worry about that quite a bit – that stirring the pot may somehow “rebound adversely,” as you say, and cause more problems than it solves.

      However, I strongly believe we shouldn’t be afraid to stand up and speak the truth because of that. So I try not to worry about that too much – but I still do …

  15. I agree that some media may be willing to look at the facts since time has passed but there are still evil forces, as the other poster said, that are out there. Other forums I go to every once in a while have a topic on music or anything that may bring up our beloved Michael Jackson. You have the evil and ignorant posters (or trolls) that say awful things about him claiming they’ve done their research. There are certain individuals have blogs with a lot of misinformation (lies) which is where they get their info from. There is one that come to mind…calls it the MJFacts or something like that, which is bs. I’ll never understand how some people spend a lot of time spreading lies about someone. You don’t like the person or their art? Fine, then move on with your life. I have a feeling that some of these people that are dedicated to spreading bs and lies about MJ may be avid Elvis Presley fans. What do you think?

    • “claiming they’ve done their research” ” MJFacts or something like that”.

      Unfortunately there is a bunch of haters who are very presistent in spreading lies about MJ. The AllForLove blog presented some facts about that site’s history which clearly shows not only that they are haters with an agenda, but also their manipulative and sometimes even borderline criminal activity (such as impersonating other people online, hacking accounts etc.):

      “I have a feeling that some of these people that are dedicated to spreading bs and lies about MJ may be avid Elvis Presley fans. What do you think?”

      I have realized that element myself. I have seen Elvis fans having extreme hatred towards MJ and I also realized that some (not all, but some) of these presistent MJ haters are Elvis fans. I have seen at least one among the MJfacts bunch on Twitter and I have seen an Elvis fan on YT who is very obsessed with trashing MJ under videos. It seems to me that some Elvis fans feel threatened by MJ.

      • jacksonaktak: I think you’re absolutely right. Michael is by far the biggest threat to Elvis fans because Michael’s talent was so vast and so deep. Elvis never wrote his own songs, danced, choreographed, made videos, produced shows, authored books, etc. Michael was known in every corner of the globe. Elvis never even performed outside of the US. Lots for Elvis fans to be jealous about.

    • Shamone, that MJ facts site is a lure to get you in to read it but it is really a hater site. Just be careful.

  16. Let’s not forget Lisa’s Presley vitriol declarations during a tv interview , after their divorce,in which she declared that only Michael and Jordy knew what had
    really happened between them and last but not least La Toya’s public accusations against Michael are still today released and taken for granted by many DVDs pretending to provide an objective insight into Michael’ s life and career.
    La Toya’s false accusations are still mentioned even if it was proved that she agreed to lie on the matter after her ex husband pressures in order to get money from tabloids and tv programmes , which doesn’ t justify La Toya’s deprecable and horrible behaviour .

  17. Hello

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen this blog.

    It is now 2022. I’m wondering if you were ever successful in getting ahold of this tape?

    If not this is just further confirmation for me that there is a grand conspiracy amongst the American Media to prevent the truth public from ever finding out the truth about these false accusations. I find it utterly bizarre that they are so held bent on denying Michael’s innocence. I will never understand It.

    • No, janedi1, we never did, but I haven’t given up hope that it may someday be retrieved. I’m not sure if it’s “a grand conspiracy” or just a huge company not understanding what they have – kind of like that scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark where the ark of the covenant is stored in an enormous government warehouse and lost….

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